10 Things I Hate About You, College Edition

As I approach my graduation in about a month, I've been feeling a bit reflective. Here are the 10 things that I can definitively say I've hated about college. The broke college student life. It's no joke, y'all. 2. Having to juggle multiple jobs and a full course load because of said broke-ness. 3. Constantly … Continue reading 10 Things I Hate About You, College Edition

Competitive Advantage and Being “Known”

Competitive Advantage n: a unique characteristic that makes you stand out from the crowd and that no one else can copy; the foundation of your personal brand Several weeks ago, my social media professor suggested that I read the book Known by Mark Schaefer. It's all about personal branding, mainly using social media, and I … Continue reading Competitive Advantage and Being “Known”

Essentials for the Post-Grad Kitchen

I love cooking. So, when I moved into my first apartment, I spent hours scouring Pinterest and Google for kitchen essentials. Now, going on three years later, here are the things that I can't live without. Non-stick pots and pans These are a chef's best friend. They're also a lazy girl's best friend, since they … Continue reading Essentials for the Post-Grad Kitchen