What if I told you that there’s one tool you can use in your interview to practically guarantee that you get the job?

Okay, yeah, I wouldn’t believe me, either. Mainly because such a thing doesn’t exist. But although I can’t just give you a magic wand or grant you three wishes, I can give you something that’s almost as helpful when it comes to landing a job: STAR.

STAR is an interviewee’s best friend. I recommend it to all of my friends when they’re interviewing for a new job, and when I’m the one in the hot seat, I scribble it at the top of my notepad in big letters so I don’t forget it.

STAR means “Situation, Task, Action, Result.”

You know how you always get asked behavioral questions in an interview? The best way to answer these questions is using the STAR method.

Let’s say you’re interviewing for a marketing position and you get asked, “Tell me about a successful campaign that you ran at your last job.”

You would say, “When I was working at ACME Corp., the CMO asked me to come up with a digital campaign that would increase our sales with the 18-25 demographic, which we hadn’t targeted before. I did some research and found out what some of the best ways to appeal to that audience were, as well as successful campaigns that similar companies had done. I then organized a brainstorming session with my team and we came up with a campaign that centered on utilizing Instagram influencers to reach our new demographic. We ran the campaign over the course of six months and generated $1.2 million in incremental revenue. The CMO was quite impressed with our results.”

What you’ve done here is tell a story.

First, you set the scene by describing the situation and the task at hand. Then, you walked the interviewer through the highlights of the action (preferably by focusing on the traits that were mentioned in the job posting). You ended the story by giving the result (thereby answering the question, “What will you bring to our company?”) and tying everything together in a neat little bow.

Behavioral questions are commonplace these days, yet they still have the ability to trip up even the most well-prepared interviewees. With STAR in your back pocket, you’ll have a leg up on the competition for your next dream job.

Do you have any interview tips? Share them below!

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