My Five Year Plan

Okay, so maybe this isn’t actually my five year plan. I don’t know where I’ll be in five months, let alone five years. However, I do have some plans for this blog. I may or may not have started creating a business plan purely to procrastinate on school work, but it’s fine, right?

My goal for this blog is to create a place where recent and soon-to-be college grads can come to learn about all the stuff that they don’t teach you in school.

Don’t know how to go grocery shopping on your own? I’ll walk you through the process, from creating a grocery list to meal prepping.

Love traveling but don’t have the money, or a lot of time off? I’ll share my favorite flight hacks, how to live a carry-on only life, and the best places to visit when you only have weekends free.

Paris may be out of your reach for a weekend trip, but Las Vegas is definitely feasible

If you’re looking for a place to learn how to be a professional, I’ll have you covered with articles on topics from crafting a resumé and putting together an office (and wallet) friendly wardrobe, to networking tips and how to sell yourself in an interview. I’m in Delta Sigma Pi, an international, co-ed business fraternity, so I’ve had the chance to learn a ton about navigating the professional world. Now, I’m looking to return the favor.

If these are the kinds of topics that interest you, then make sure to follow my blog so you can get notified as soon as my articles are published.

Plan on sticking around? Leave a comment below to introduce yourself. I can’t wait to meet other girls who are just trying to get used to being real adults!

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